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I am so grateful for the new life I have been able to build in Canada and I love Coquitlam. My daughter said, “Coquitlam is the most beautiful city in the world” and I could not agree more. I must give kudos to our present City Council for doing a wonderful job, and I want to be a part of the team to keep the positive momentum going. I am a modestly successful business person and I believe that I can bring my business skill set, as well as my commitment to the goals of diversity and inclusion to City Council to help make our great city of Coquitlam an even better place.

Key Message

West Coast Express Service Expansion Plan

Have you taken WCE? Do you know that WCE service has not changed much since the inaugural run in 1995?


Although Coquitlam already has the Evergreen Line SkyTrain, the route to Downtown Vancouver still requires at least one transfer, resulting in more than an hour’s worth of travel time. On the other hand, the WCE, with only few stops along the route, takes only around 28 minutes of travel to Downtown Vancouver, saving up over an hour’s worth of travel time back and forth.


WCE started its operation on November 1, 1995. Since that date, not much has changed; it still consists of a single line of eight stations, running five inbound trains to Vancouver in the morning and five outbound trains to Mission in the evening during peak commute period, Monday to Friday. Therefore, I am advocating for the service expansion of the West Coast Express so it includes the return trip and increased service in both directions. My goal is to turn this rush hour only unidirectional service into a rapid transit for public.

Phase 1: Increasing unidirectional service of the WCE from 5 to 7 trains, extending the last morning train service from 7:25am to 8:25am, and the last afternoon train from 6:20pm to 7:20pm.

Phase 2: Adding bidirectional service between Coquitlam Central and Waterfront Vancouver from 9:10am to 3:50pm.

Phase 3: Adding bidirectional service between Coquitlam Central and Mission City from 9:10am to 4:20pm.

Phase 4: Adding one more track to allow all day bidirectional WCE service.

Benefits of the West Coast Express WCE Service Expansion:

  • Provides better connection between Coquitlam, Downtown Vancouver, and eastern regions including Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge. More WCE ridership will promote economic development of the entire Fraser Valley region.
  • Offers more travel choices and less travel time for Coquitlam residents.
  • Attracts more tourists from other cities to Coquitlam, boosting our local economy.
  • Creates more local job opportunities.
  • Attracts more people to use public transportation, helping reduce carbon emissions which will assist the City of Coquitlam’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Attract More Family Doctors to Coquitlam

Are you without a family doctor? Are you concerned about increasing wait times to see your doctor?


Currently, around 20%, nearly one million, BC residents do not have a family doctor, and those who recently moved to Coquitlam have faced similar struggles. Although health care is a provincial mandate, the City of Coquitlam can still take proactive steps to address this crisis.

  • I will support introducing policies to attract more family doctors to practice in Coquitlam by waiving business registration fees, implementing simpler registration procedures, and increasing medical office space.

For A Vibrant, Inclusive, And Welcoming Coquitlam


About Harvey

I moved to Canada from Shanghai, China in 1999.  I have engaged in biological research for several years. After I earned my Master of Science degree from UBC in 2004, I worked as a Lab Manager at the Wine Research Centre at UBC for one year. I then started my own business in the field of International Education.  My wife and I are raising our two daughters in Coquitlam where we have lived for fifteen years. Our whole family is enthusiastic about public welfare and cares about the community. We always teach our children to be grateful and to be generous. Over nearly the past 20 years, we have actively engaged in volunteering, and have donated to and supported a number of charities, including Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Vancouver Women’s Hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation, Chinese Community Library Services Association, Terry Fox Foundation, BC Girls’ Choir, Tzu Chi Foundation, local food banks, and etc. I have also actively participated in the Eagle Ridge Hospital Emergency Department expansion and the West Coast Express service expansion in the hope to contribute to a more convenient life for Coquitlam residents.


I am the founder of WCE Expansion Association advocating for the service expansion of the West Coast Express commuter train between Coquitlam City Centre and Waterfront Vancouver.


Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation

Brent Atkinson – Former SD40 School Trustee

“I have known Harvey since 2005 in my previous capacity as School Trustee of more than 32 years in the New Westminster School District. I am confident that Harvey will be an exemplary ambassador for the City of Coquitlam given his strong commitment to his family, community, and his work. Harvey has a clear vision of further economic growth for the City of Coquitlam. His businesses acumen is highly recommendable as is necessary in promoting and strengthening local businesses and providing opportunities for growth and globalization, making Coquitlam a conducive and attractive destination to live, invest in and grow the community into a diverse, yet inclusive, viable and sustainable city. It is my hope that with a Council member like Harvey Su in the city, Coquitlam will prosper ever more and continue to thrive in economic and societal globalization moving forward.”

Tom Harris – Superintendent of Schools (Retired)
School District 43 (Coquitlam)

““I have known Harvey Su for more than 16 years, both personally and professionally. He is a man of strong character and integrity and is passionate about serving his community. He is a role model for new Canadians and will be a valuable addition to Coquitlam City Council.”

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